The World I Rule

A World That I Rule | Naega Jibaehaneun Sesang | 내가 지배하는 세상 | 俺が支配する世界

Publication: 2015-2016, Completed
0 / 5

It’s been a while since Chido felt like he was at the top of the world. He was untouchable in high school, but now…he’s barely eking out a living by being a delivery boy. Frustrated at his lack of power, he yearns to find a way out of his humiliating life. On a particularly tiresome day, he encounters an earthquake on his way home and get sucked into a whirlpool. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself on an unfamiliar island with strange, sexy natives who do not seem to speak any language that he knows. They seem friendly enough, and it looks like Chido can make them do anything that he wants. Absolutely anything.

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